Aerospace & aviation investment strategy for a leading sovereign fund

  • Sovereign fund was in the process to execute significant investments and infrastructure developments as well as partnerships

  • The potential prospects could potentially be enhanced by the development of a comprehensive Aerospace and Aviation strategy

  • The objective is to develop of a comprehensive sector strategy to understand positioning along aviation value chain; identify / evaluate concrete opportunities to grow regional and global role; take an overall homogeneous approach to the sector

  • Conducted thorough assessment of aerospace sector via interviews, analysis, site visits

  • Developed the aviation and aerospace strategy including

    • Aviation and aerospace industry overview and competitive analysis

    • Opportunity screening and selection; definition of  potential business models

    • Formulation of a recommended aviation and aerospace strategy for the country

  • Identified potential business opportunities and synergies with the existing asset

  • Detailed 6 projects allowing the client to make a decision on the next step

  • Defined capital requirements and financing analysis and impact on employment and GDP

  • Developed high level road map for the implementation

  • Supported significant know-how transfer about the selected sectors

  • Identified opportunities in three core sectors; final assembly line, Aero-structure, Commercial and Military MRO, Final Assembly Line and Air Taxi

  • Defined development plans for enabling sectors; Education, R&D, Eng. & Design

  • Client implemented strategy and became a leading player in global aerospace

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