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Restructuring strategy and business plan for a leading shoes manufacturer
Feasibility study and investment case for land reclamation for an agriculture company
Business plan development for the leading Egyptian peanuts producer
Assessment of Egyptian feldspar market for potential market entry for a major conglomerate
Assessment of Egyptian steel market for potential market entry for a major conglomerate
Funding strategy and financial feasibility for the river passenger transport operations in a major city in the MENA region
Commercial revenue enhancing opportunities for a regional operator
Aerospace & aviation investment strategy for a leading sovereign fund
Concept, strategy and execution for Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC)
Detailed fleet planning, design and implementation, for a leading bus operator in the region
Detailed design and implementation of pricing scheme for a leading transport operator in the region
Key process and authority matrix detailed design and implementation for a leading logistics operator in the region
New organization detailed design, manpower plan and implementation for a leading transport operator in the region
Transformation program & strategy development for a leading bus operator in the region
Metropolitan transport authority governance & organization setup
Evaluation of a potential partnership on operating a food processing facility in Egypt
Commercial due diligence for the acquisition of a leading frozen vegetables & fruits manufacturer and exporter in the region
Turnaround and funding strategy for a pioneer tissue paper manufacturer and global exporter in Egypt
Growth Strategy for a growing healthcare operator in Egypt
Full fledged turnaround exercise for a agriculture company in Egypt
Transformation program for a leading construction company in the region
Full fledged turnaround exercise for a food processing company in Egypt

Commercial revenue enhancing opportunities for a regional operator

  • Assessment of technical, financial and legal feasibility of 6 revenue enhancing opps for each opportunity, a detailed market assessment, competitor analysis, financial feasibility, technical feasibility and legal review was conducted

  • Opportunities included expansion of bus operations, provision of consultancy services, use of Right of Way, development of a public bicycle system, commercialization of licensing databases and improvement of road tolling schemes

  • The nature of opportunities required consultation with different stakeholders

  • The legislative foundation and necessary IT infrastructure was not in place to support the implementation of multiple revenue generating opportunities

  • Baselined current capabilities and infrastructure needed for the realization of each of the six revenue generating opportunities

  • Conducted a comprehensive market assessment to identify market size of each revenue generating opportunity

  • Conducted detailed competitors assessment for each opportunity to derive realistic target revenues for each and to identify potential alliances/ partnership models

  • Performed a detailed technical feasibility study to validate technical and operational requirements and gaps to be addressed to realize additional revenue opportunities

  • Reviewed legislative framework to identify any legal constraints that need to be resolved prior to implementation

  • Conducted extensive internal and external stakeholder consultation sessions

  • Developed detailed implementation plan for achievement of revenue generating opportunities, including initiatives, project charters and responsibilities definition

  • Client launched opportunities including expanding bus operations to bus schooling

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